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Are You Using Natural Laundry Soap? Should You Be?

It may surprise you to learn commercial laundry detergent and household cleansers are not required to list their ingredients, and most do not. I invite you to go inspect your container of laundry “soap,” be it liquid or powder, and look for a list of ingredients. Most likely, you will not find one. At best, you may see, “Does not contain sulfites.” So what’s in that laundry soap you're using?

It’s hard to know for sure, since disclosure is not required. What we do know is the cleansers in laundry detergent are harsh. They often are the same main ingredients found in the liquid car wash you buy to wash your car. This is also, a main ingredient in many mass produced body washes! These harsh cleansers are also not easily broken down in the environment, and are not environmentally friendly!

I like to provide my Holistic Diva readers with alternatives. So I invited my friend Michelle, from Pegasus Soaps, to write a guest post about her wonderful, natural, environmentally friendly laundry soap. I’d like to add, I use this very soap for my family. Our clothes are clean, incredibly soft and smell so fresh. An anti-static dryer sheet isn’t even needed if you’d rather pass on adding one.
Natural Laundry Soap_Michelle
Why choose Pegasus Soaps handmade laundry soap? Well, our eco friendly laundry soap helps with the environment and also saves your money from being wasted from traditional, expensive, heavily perfumed laundry soap. All the work is done for you. I grate the soap very fine and carefully blend it with borax and washing soda to a nice fine powder so it is can easily absorb in the wash.

I will be adding sodium percarbonate to our laundry soaps, which is a dry powdered form of hydrogen peroxide. This will help brighten your colored clothes and brighten your whites without using chlorine bleach.  Not to be confused store bought Oxy Clean, which also has sodium percarbonate. Oxy Clean however, also has other ingredients, which may not be environmentally friendly. Sodium Percarbonate itself, is very environmentally friendly, and  it has been used on just about anything including decks, patio furniture, buildings etc.

I have noticed most people prefer their clothes to smell good rather than be clean. Our laundry soap is not heavily perfumed, so you get more clean verses having your clothes smell pretty. Pegasus laundry soaps do not produce suds. Most expensive commercial laundry soaps create suds and consumers are lead to believe if you don't see suds, it means the laundry soap is cheap and inferior at cleaning, and this is far from the truth. Our laundry soaps are made with our handmade cold or hot process soaps, designed specifically to clean, and nothing else. We only use the finest vegetables oils. We never use animal fats in our soaps
This natural process alone, makes our soap ideal for those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive skin, eczema, rashes, etc. as the chemicals which would further irritate these conditions, are not present in our all natural formula. Many who suffer from these conditions, find improvement and relief, with this one simple step – eliminate chemical, store bought laundry detergent, and go natural.  Natural Laundry Soap_up close
Personally, I have been using my laundry soap exclusively for almost a year. I enjoy no longer having to buy  laundry soap from the stores, and my clothes come out nice and clean and really soft, especially my towels. I love how they feel when they are fresh from the dryer. No need again to buy expensive  dryer sheets, or fabric softeners. Our laundry soap does this for you, all in  one.

Homemade laundry detergent is a better option to commercial laundry detergent. There will be an adjustment period in the beginning, as you to wean yourself from store bought detergents, like myself. However, your clothes and your skin will be better off, without the added chemicals and additives found in commercial detergent, and your clothes will last longer.


I invite you to visit Michelle’s shop, Pegasus Soaps to view her line of natural laundry soap, which are available in a variety of fresh scents, and include a free scoop in every bag. Her shop is also filled lovely hot and cold processed soaps (which are divine), sachets, natural deodorant, and an assortment of bath and body products.


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