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Reiki is an ancient healing practice, combining two Japanese words Rei and Ki, which together mean Universal Life Energy. Rei, represents the all-knowing or wisdom, and Ki, the unseen non-physical energy. Essentially, Ki is our spirit. Ki is obtained from the food we ingest, from sunshine, sleep and the air we breathe. The combination of all these components formulates our spirit.

The objective of practicing Reiki is to aid in the harmonization of the body, mind and spirit, by allowing the life force to flow freely through us and around us in our aura. Life force is receptive to our thoughts and feelings, therefore, when we acknowledge negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves, our life force is disrupted. When it’s disrupted, the fundamental functions of organs and tissues in our physical body are diminished. When Ki energy is low, a person is susceptible to becoming ill.

This is where Reiki is utilized.. Since Reiki is guided by Higher Intelligence, it knows exactly where to go and seeks out the disorder in the energy field. It charges these parts of the energy field with positive energy, causing the negative energy to break apart and fall away.

Reiki is an uncomplicated treatment process. The practitioner simply places their hands on areas of the body, or hovers them for certain positions, and proceeds to transfer positive energy to the individual. Recipients often describe receiving Reiki as a feeling of warmth, or tingling in the area of focus, others feel it as energy. Reiki heals on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, with the ultimate goal of returning the body to equilibrium. It balances the energies within the body, strengthens the immune system, clears and rids toxins, relaxes and reduces stress, and aids in meta-cognition.

Believe it or not, Reiki has served in the healing process of nearly every known illness and injury ranging from severe problems such as multiple sclerosis, heart disease, mental illness and cancer, to the less serious like the flu, sore throat, insomnia and poor memory. If anything else, it is a valuable practice to be used concurrently with modern medicine, as it reduces negative side effects, shortens healing time, and reduces or eliminates pain.

Of course in order for Reiki to be effective, one needs to open their mind to such a non-physical practice. Western culture is so conditioned to accepting grave side effects from prescription medication; this is a societal norm of ours.Our doctors are not educated on alternative practices that will achieve the same, if not better, results, thus they
don’t advocate such treatment. With Reiki healing however, it provides a beneficial and positive alternative for the patient being treated.

Reiki Hand Positions

Position 1
Place your hands together over the eyes. Cup your hands gently so that the palms do not touch the eyes, which can be uncomfortable for the client. Rest the base of your hands on the forehead, and allow the tip of your fingers to rest very lightly on the cheeks. If your hands start to sweat put a cloth or paper tissue above the eyes.

Position 2A
Cup your hands gently around each ear.

Position 2B (optional)
Rest your hands on the crown of the head.

Position 3
Slide your hands gently under the head. Hold the head with the hands together and the fingers extending towards the neck. Cup your fingers around the skull touching its base with your fingertips.

Position 4A
Wrap your thumb under the neck and rest your hands and fingers over the collarbone.

Position 4B (alternate)
Wrap your hands lightly around the chin and throat.

Position 5
Gently slide your left hand under the neck. Place your right hand over the heart.

Position 6
Rest your hands on the upper stomach. Place the fingers of one hand under the base of the other hand to connecting the flow of healing energy.

Position 7
Slide both hands to the middle area of the stomach.

Position 8
Slide your hands one more time placing them over the lower abdomen over the hip bones.

Position 9
Use both hands to hold the right foot.

Position 10
Use both hands to hold the other foot.

Position 11
Now hold both feet using both hands in any way that's comfortable for you.

Position 12
At this point ask your patient to flip to the prone position. Place your hands over the upper back keeping your fingers close together.

Position 13
Rest your hands on the upper back. Place the fingers of one hand under the base of the other hand to connecting the flow of healing energy.

Position 14
Slide both hands to the middle back.

Position 15A
Slide both hands on more time Slide your hands down one more time placing them on the lower back.

Position 15B (optional)
Place hands behind the heart and on the lower back.


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